How to Minimize Product Damage During Transportation?

Product Damage

Product destruction during the shipping process is a very common thing encountered by many manufacturers around the globe. This is taken as a normal phase by the local retailers. Although once the goods or products are shipped to the area where they are first to be received by the local retailers, these goods are checked before they are passed on to the inventory. The local retailers look for the damaged goods and send an application for the renewal or departure of new or replaced products. Sometimes, the manufacturers send extra products so that they can replace it with another piece and deliver it to the location on time in case of damaged products.

Causes of Damaged Goods or Products

The most common issue encountered is the load shifting issue. And commonly, it occurs because the products are piled upon one another inconveniently. And once these products are piled one over the other, when the local retailer removes one of the packaging’s, the position of the other products automatically shifts. Also, immediate brake made by the truck can displace these products, due to which the products may crash with each other resulting in damaged goods.

Although many manufacturers try their best to prevent damage to the goods by wrapping the pallets with shrink wrap but all these measures are not always on point, and damage can still occur to the products due to

  • The first thing that might result in damaged products is the improper packing of the products. Yes, a balance is required to achieve this fact, as if products are too strongly packed, they may get crushed, or if they are packed unevenly, they might displace from their positions. So a proper balance in custom packing the goods must be used.
  • Another major issue reported is the problem of the forklift. And this occurs due to an inattentive worker who is not working properly and removes the bag and shifts the position of all the other products.
  • Also, when we move the pallets, the wood may displace or slip off due to damage. Although the warehouse workers try to reuse the damaged wood but sometimes the damage is done.

All these issues can be sorted out if proper measurements are taken. With not too tight and not too low wrapping, the packing of the products can be well controlled. Seven important tips that can help to minimize damage to goods or products are listed below.

  • Start With the Freight Process

The basic yet most common thing that results in damaged products is the transportation time that occurs from the departure of the goods from the manufacturers to the warehouse. Though the local retailers are well-known that some minor damage to the products will occur during this transport. Therefore minor twists are very important such as opt for a transportation truck with a good reputation in the market.

Second, the use of accurate and good-quality pallets is important, and their wrapping is important too. Next, if you want to spread the weight evenly, place heavy boxes such as bricks. If the products are fragile or light in weight, then make sure the truck for transportation has an air-ride suspension. But if goods are heat sensitive, then cover the packaging or the box twice. These products will considerably reduce the impact of damage to the goods in the manchester of india, and local retailers don’t need to ask the manufactures to send extra pieces of the products in case damage is reported. So this is an essential point to be noted.

  • Fill Void Space

Another important thing that might damage the products is the space present in the boxes or cartons. This phase is extremely important, both from the time interval starting from the freight process to where the product has to be delivered as safe product delivery is very important. If there is space inside the box, the product will rattle all around the empty box and might shatter, leaving the box damaged too. Thus in case you are transporting a fragile box, make sure you have bubble wrap placed all over or in terms of a heavy package. Simply use corrugated wraps inside the box.

  • Use Sturdy Outer Materials

Yes, that’s another important point to determine during the transportation of boxes because when the outer box covering is firm and strong, the product inside will be kept safe no matter what. When the outer packaging material is cardboard with corrugated cardboard pieces, extra firmness and sturdiness are added to the cover. This way, the outer packaging cover does not deform or break down the product or itself. You can also opt for Kraft material as an outer covering. You can opt for flat-size retailer boxes as well for heavy products.

  • Increase Water Resistance

This is another major issue expected when transporting liquid substances or materials to a long or short distance. We might have experienced this when we deliver the liquid product. They often spill all the liquid on their way, soaking and damaging the dry products as well, and this creates an extremely bizarre environment. To avoid such circumstances, it is best to pack both liquid and dry products separately. We can either create containers within the box or create separate boxes for liquids and dry products. This way, the problems can be solved easily.

  • Separate Fragile Materials

That’s another important point to ponder. Fragile items such as mirrors or crystal decorations require great care. The best thing to do is keep all the fragile items under several different partitions, to be precise. Also use of outer corrugated cardboard material as an outer covering is a great care choice for protecting fragile items, especially decoration pieces. All these measures save a lot of time and energy. With best measures that are taken beforehand can help to prevent the damage of all sorts of products, either fragile or heavy products. So that’s another aspect to consider.

  • Properly Label Package

Another basic point to determine is the labeling of every product inside the transportation tank. No matter how hard we take measures but human error is pretty noticeable. When you are transporting fragile products, it is best to label these boxes with FRAGILE PRODUCTS OR BOXES so that the person transporting them will know how to place such boxes and how to take care of them. Also, not to forget that any product with up or downside must have THIS SIDE UP labeled over the box to avoid further confusion and damage.

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  • Buy the Parcel Insurance for Sure

We all know that mishaps occur, and human error is very common. Sometimes road truck or traffic accidents occur too, which can’t be avoided all the time. To avoid such issues, it is best to achieve package insurance to avoid shipping finance problems. With shipping product insurance, you don’t have to worry about the finance for paying for the damaged goods that are to keep you safe; it is best to opt for an insurance policy as it might help you in the long run. All these factors will help to get rid of unwanted problems.

Apart from all these points, we must give some study regarding the preventive measures to all the crew involved in this process of shipping and delivery. With better knowledge, such workers will handle all issues greatly and come up with the best results because this is a teamwork process. All need to put in a lot of effort, energy, and some time to get considerable good results. So this might be another tip to reduce damage to the goods.

Final Words!              

Shipping damage is very common. And pretty unfortunate for the warehouse keepers, local retailers, and most importantly, the manufacturers. But with different changes, things are taking a new troll with technology and ideas, and with the above best seven tips, we can get rid of unwanted shipping damages. Though human error cannot be completely removed, a try is a must in different aspects. With the use of fillers and Cardboard Boxes Wholesale, a lot of time to save up the damage can be done. With hard corrugated pieces and the use of partitions for liquids and fragile aspects, we can get rid of many problems in the long run.




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