Modern Dating Rules Everyone Should Follow

Modern Dating Rules

Dating is hard. Meeting your significant other can be a really challenging task, without a doubt. However, it doesn’t have to be as bad as you think. There are some modern dating rules everyone should follow, so keep on reading to learn more about five of them. Just check them out and enjoy! 

Don’t talk about your exes on the first few dates

This dating rule isn’t so modern – it’s actually an old-school one that found its place on this list for a good reason. This is simply because talking about past relationships can be very frustrating for both sides. It’s particularly true for the first few dates when everything should be as fun and light as possible. Well, that is exactly why you shouldn’t talk about your exes on the first few dates. Yes, opening up about your past relationships and learning about your date’s experiences can be very beneficial. But you know what? There will be a lot of time for that later. So, keep it as light as possible and give yourself time to connect on a deeper level later on! 

Try to keep your dates short

This probably sounds a bit strange, but trust us when we say that there is a meaningful explanation behind it. Speaking of first dates, shorter ones (around 90 minutes) are close to perfect. And why is that? Well, it’s because those 90 minutes will be more than enough to get to know your date on a surface level. It gets even better if you start to feel chemistry with them within this time frame. When that happens, a lot of people get overly excited, which can easily get out of control. When you start to feel overpowering excitement after spending several hours with someone, the great expectations kick in. If nothing happens in the end, you’ll feel completely desperate. To avoid that, just keep your dates short and you won’t get disappointed! 

Dating websites are a huge ‘yes’

As we live in an era of numerous technological advancements, the fact that online dating is completely dominant shouldn’t surprise you at all. Just think about it – firstly, it’s extremely convenient. Online dating offers an incredible variety of potential partners that are just one click away from you. It can be very helpful when you have certain insecurities, as you won’t have to communicate with your date directly face to face. So, no matter what your sexual orientation is, you’re highly likely to find a partner online. On the other hand, personalized matchmaking is another trend that is gaining momentum at the moment. This is particularly true when it comes to experienced gay dating matchmakers who can take your dating experiences to a whole new level. Give them a try and you’ll see what we were talking about! 

Dating multiple people at once? Why not!

Yes, you heard us right! Dating multiple people at once is no longer taboo – especially before you enter a monogamous relationship both of you agreed upon. Until that happens, feel free to have fun and see several people at the same time. And why do we recommend this? Well, have you ever met someone really amazing, went on a few dates with them, and once everything started to escalate – they simply vanished without explanation? This is a truly devastating experience simply because you were emotionally invested in that relationship. To avoid that, keep your dating life as light as possible and don’t take anything too seriously. This is the best way to have a wonderful time, meet great people, and develop a meaningful relationship with one of them. Bear that in mind and you’ll see fantastic results! 

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Wait for at least a few dates to be more intimate

You’ve probably heard it a million times, but we must repeat it once again. Being more intimate with someone should be a very special experience. If you think so, too, you should definitely wait for at least a few dates before having sex with that person. This is essential for many reasons – first of all because you want to know if you’re on the same page. If you know that you’re looking for the same thing – such as a sexual connection – then go for it! However, if you aren’t really sure about your date’s intentions, you should better wait a little bit. Having sex will inevitably make you more attached to that person. If your relationship doesn’t succeed and they don’t end up committing to you, it can be quite upsetting. You don’t want that, so wait a bit longer and you won’t make a mistake!


As you can see, there are so many modern dating rules everyone should follow. These five unquestionably are the most important ones out there, so stick to them and you’ll see amazing results. Just follow our guidelines and you’ll see a major improvement in your love life. It’s a promise!


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