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Personal Loan

Personal loans are a great way to cover your needs without paying in total upfront. They can cover purchases, debt consolidation, emergency expenses, education costs, moving costs, vacations, wedding expenses, etc. Personal loans can be highly beneficial when used correctly. 

Monthly installments called EMIs, which contain the principal amount and interest on that amount, are paid until the end of the loan period. You can check these monthly installments with a personal loan EMI calculator to find how much you will be paying as your EMI. Many loan companies provide the facility of instant personal loans. It allows loan takers to immediately approve a personal loan for themselves up to a fixed limit.

Personal Loan EMI Calculator

A personal loan EMI calculator is an online tool that helps you get an estimate of EMI on your loan. It uses the rate of interest, the duration of the loan, and the principal amount to calculate the EMI. The tools produce precise results that give you a clear picture of the installments. 

To use a personal loan EMI calculator, visit the website calculator, and fill in the details of your loan amount, such as loan amount, loan duration, and interest rate. You can get the calculations delivered to your email for further reference by entering your email address in the designated space. You can also use it to check EMIs for instant personal loans

Check below the comparison table for EMIs of various loan amounts for different periods at a rate of 10.49%.

Loan Amount 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years
₹3 lakh ₹26,443 ₹9,749 ₹6,447
₹5 lakh ₹40,072 ₹16,249 ₹10,744
₹10 lakh ₹88,144 ₹32,498 ₹21,489

The benefits of using a personal loan EMI calculator 

There are many benefits to using a personal loan EMI calculator. An EMI calculator can help you in various ways, as follows.


  • Compare loan rates and EMIs of different loan providers to get the best loans. 
  • Manage your EMIs beforehand before taking a loan. It can help you check if the loan will be burdensome on your finances. 
  • Checking installment values ahead of time can help you decide how much you can borrow without disturbing other loan obligations. 

The Functioning of Personal Loans

Sometimes your demands may not fit into the categories into which the loans are divided. A personal loan is helpful when you need quick cash for miscellaneous uses. Instant personal loans are best for these uses. A good credit score can help you get a better personal loan with lower interest rates. 

The launch of instant personal loans has streamlined the loaning process. Personal loans offer lower interest rates than credit cards. The risk associated with personal loans is also lower. Your account receives the transferred amount within 24 hours or a week, depending on your provider. 


The repayment period will start after the deposit. A personal loan generally does not require collateral. The interest rates for personal loans usually remain fixed. So the EMI amount every month will remain the same. You can use a personal loan EMI calculator to calculate this EMI

Three factors can affect your personal loan’s EMIs. The amount of loan you are taking, the rate of interest at which the amount gets sanctioned, and the repayment time or loan duration are all factors that decide your personal loan’s EMI. 


Loans are an integral part of the economy. In earlier times, loans were considered bad debts. But with changing times, the perspective of society has shifted towards a positive attitude toward loans. If used correctly, Instant Personal loan can be a prominent financial tool. Planning and EMI management are necessary to maximize your loan benefits. A personal loan EMI calculator can help you plan and manage your EMIs. Be sure to compare the EMIs of various providers while getting a loan for yourself.


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