A Beginner’s Guide To Personal Safety App Development

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The advent of mobile app technology is helping thousands and thousands of businesses to make an imprint on their customers. The app industry is currently witnessing a large-scale adoption from a different domain. It is inspiring budding entrepreneurs to get on a brand new journey for unmatchable growth. The main purpose of an application is to mend the gap present between a business and its user base. The idea may sound intriguing but it is not easy at all.

Many of us want to embrace the vast world of digitalization but lack the right idea. That is why we would continue sharing some great ideas for app development and all the related information.

In this blog, we would be learning about the creation of personal safety applications. Keep reading further if you are interested in learning more about its development.

What Are Personal Safety Apps?

The time that we are living in is not safe at all. There is danger at almost every step. Therefore, it is crucial that you keep you safe in your hands, literally. With the help of app development, companies are coming up with ways to protect the masses from any potential danger. There are many companies trying to create apps that deliver value to the user base.

Personal safety has now shifted on digital platforms and is providing unmatchable convenience and security to its user base. Now, people don’t need to worry about traveling alone during odd hours, as with the help of an application they can keep safe from any possible risk.

Apart from security, the app’s growing demand also delivers an impeccable business opportunity. Its creation and correct deployment in the market can help you to trigger your revenue funnel. Apart from monetary benefits, there are a lot more perks involved. So what are you waiting for? Let us explore this emerging idea on another level.

Personal Safety App


What Are The Advantages Of A Personal Safety App?

There are multiple advantages attached to personal safety app development. Here are the few to help inspire you towards its development. Take a good look:

1. They deliver 24*7 security to the users.
2. They become a constant companion of the users.
3. It is very easy to contact the hospital or police with these specially designed applications.
4. They let your near and dear ones know that you are protected.
5. You can safely travel alone even during the odd hours.
6. They help in establishing constant communication back home.

Popular Examples Of Personal Safety Applications

Here is the list of top trending apps in this domain. This list will help you to analyze the current competitors and figure out a way to move ahead.

  • React Mobile
  • bSafe
  • KiteString
  • Red Panic Button
  • Safetipin
  • Scream Alarm
  • Life 360


How Much Would It Cost To Build A Personal Safety App?

Last but not least, we have the cost. Money is one of the most important factors when it comes to starting a new business. If you want to know a perfect figure beforehand, then there is a 90% chance to go wrong. It is impossible to quote a figure without getting detailed information about the project. But to help you out, we can provide you with five important factors that shape the complete cost of the development project.


The look and feel of the application are very important. It determines the success of the business. Therefore, you need to focus on the design. You must know that any complication in the design can trigger the amount.


Do you want your application to work on Android? Or you want to opt for iOS? Or you want both? Also, you can choose to have a PWA as well. There are multiple options to choose from and your decision will also impact the cost.


From Artificial Intelligence to blockchain and IoT to Extended Reality, there are multiple technologies to choose from. Integrating the application with any of the trending technology can increase the chances of developing a successful product. But with that, it will also increase the cost, because their integration is not at all simple and would require you to hire experts.


For a successful application, it is necessary that you integrate remarkable features and functionalities in your application. This might increase the cost too.


If you hire an experienced mobile app development team, then they will charge you according to the services they offer.

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In A Nutshell

This is all the necessary information that you must have before initiating the process of personal safety app development. But this is not all, as there are several technicalities linked with the process. If you want to get in-depth knowledge about it, then feel free to reach out to the team of professionals who can guide you in the right direction. It is necessary to have a good development team, as a breakthrough is impossible with a bootless one.

Technology has advanced to a level where any business can start afresh, all you need to have is an effective idea. Success with innovative tech can be achieved very easily, but it requires complete dedication at all times. If you are looking for a sure shot way to enter the world of technology, then it is better that you start now. Buckle up in order to embrace the era of absolute digitalization. Push your success forward and trigger your revenue funnel right away. For more information, feel free to reach out.

Do not forget to drop your opinions in the comment section present below. We would love to know more about your views, as it helps us to curate better content for you. But until then, stay tuned to this space for more updates from all around the world.



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