Planning to Build a Restaurant? Here Are 5 Tips to Decorate It the Right Way


A lot of people’s dreams include owning a restaurant because of its high sales potential. If you are one of them, you probably saved a large portion of your salary for the last few years to generate the capital needed in building a restaurant. This business is not just all about food because a big part of its success will depend on its interior design and decorations. Make sure to create a comfortable and appealing place for your customer so that you can turn them into loyal ones.

In the digital age, customers prefer dining places where they can take aesthetically pleasing photos and post them on their social media accounts. That is why you should not underestimate the power of interior design as it can pave the way for the business to reach the pinnacle of success. With the massive number of decoration ideas on Pinterest and other websites, you might feel overwhelmed which would prohibit you from making the right decisions. Below, we go through 5 tips that you must remember to attract customers and increase sales.

  • Improve the entrance and waiting area

The entrance and waiting area are the very first few places that your customers see. If their designs are boring and unappealing, they might think that the food offered by the restaurant is not worth it. Besides that, an uncomfortable waiting area can force potential buyers to completely leave the place and choose your nearby competitors. Make the waiting area feel and look better by adding wall arts, accent chairs, and sofa, and good-looking tables. If they have a nice sitting place with a view of the various interesting artworks, it can create an illusion that the waiting time is short and enjoyable.

  • Don’t forget the patio

If your restaurant is located in tropical countries, it is necessary to have a patio. Your customers will surely love it, especially if it has accent chairs, patio lights, and a loud sound system. Make sure to play an acoustic soundtrack or have some live music to attract more buyers and create a relaxing ambiance. There are many chairs to choose from in the market today but they are not all suitable for outdoor use. Before purchasing accent chairs and tables, you have to ensure that they can withstand extreme weather conditions and are not prone to color fading.  

  • Consider the capacity of the place

Before you can decide on the capacity of the place, you first need to identify its purpose. Are you going to create a good and vibrant environment or are you leaning towards maximizing all the available space? Once you are decided, identify how many customers can fit in the place. In designing it, make sure to have enough sofa and accent chairs to avoid having unsatisfied customers. Besides that, you have to prevent the space from becoming too crowded that people can hardly move and enjoy their privacy. Ideally, you should not place the accent chairs and furniture piece in front of the kitchen, bathrooms, and entrance.

  • Think about the lighting of the restaurant

Most business owners focus too much on their recipes, wall color, accent chairs, and other furniture pieces that they forgot to consider the lighting of the place. It is an aspect that should not be overlooked as it can make or break the overall appearance of the space. The right lighting can convince passersby to enter the establishment and try its food. Besides that, it contributes greatly to providing the best customer experience. Every customer is looking for high-quality patio lights because they can create a soothing ambiance. As a result, they can extremely enjoy their time together with their family and friends while enjoying the food that your staff prepared. Do not forget to add accent chairs to bring class and elegance to space.

  • Choose the right color palette

The color palette that you will use in the restaurant can evoke certain emotions so you have to be careful when choosing. Red is one of the most utilized colors today because it symbolizes a good appetite while blue would mean a slow metabolism. If you plan to create a friendly and positive atmosphere, then use yellow or orange. If the theme you used warrants a more natural design, you may use accent chairs made out of bamboo materials and beautiful plants and flowers. 

In a Nutshell

Decorating the place the right way can set your restaurant apart from the competition. When designing, you have to consider the taste and preferences of your customers as well as the functionality of the place. 


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