QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Utility! Does it really works


It’s hard to think of losing personal information. If it’s the company’s data as well as other accounting data that are vital the significance of the problem is greatly greater. It is time to get started. QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery is a fantastic aid to. Thanks to the features in Quickbooks you can receive your information back in a matter of minutes. To do this, you’ll need to follow some guidelines. Remember the steps to be followed before beginning the process of restoration.

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Finish This QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery process quickly

This is a different issue that affects many people There are a variety of solutions for the issue. One of the most effective ways for resolving this is to locate the source of the problem. QB Auto Data Recovery The purpose of this is for restoration purposes. It is done to restore .TLG as well as .QBW.adr files. Also, it is possible to learn Fix QuickBooks Error Ol-222

It’s the original .QBW.adr as well as .TLG file

The most effective method of retrieving the information is to take your original transaction log as well as in addition, your ADR version of your company’s information. This will help with getting your transaction logs. This is how you should conduct yourself.

  • Create a completely separate folder for your computer with the name QBTest.
  • Navigate to the folder where you kept the company file.
  • Find the .TLG files in this folder. Be aware that the file you use for your business should be named the same as the file for your company.
  • If you’re having trouble finding those .TLG files, ensure you’ve followed these steps in a timely manner.
    • Begin with opening “File Explorer” and then pressing “Windows+E” on your keyboard.
    • Select “Organize” in the options and click “Folder in addition to search options. 
    • You’ll have to choose “View” then select “File Name Extension. 
    • Choose “Hide extensions for well-known types of files” after which click “apply” and then “Ok.”
  • After you’ve located the .TLG files all you need to do is choose them to copy them and add them to the QBTest directory.
  • Now open, “QuickBooksAutoDataRecovery” folder on your device.
  • All readily accessible “.QBW.adr document” and then copy in the QBTest document.
  • Navigate to the QBTest directory and then double click for the .QBW.adr file. Then, change the name to it.
  • All you need to do is delete the .adr from the name of the file.
  • Begin Your Quickbooks Desktop and then open the company file kept in the QBTest. QBTest folder.
  • After that, verify the transactions using your account’s register.
  • Choose “File” and select “Utilities” and then “Verify Data.” This can assist you in confirming the accuracy of the data found in each document you’ve discovered.
  • All copies of the company’s files are in good condition, just remove the ones that are damaged. Then copy the files made from QBTest back to their original place.


Help in understanding the entire process of QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery If you need assistance get in touch with our experts. They will be available to help you all the time and provide all assistance and advice with any Quickbooks-related issues. Contact QuickBooks Data Services via +1-(888)-704-1357. 

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