How to Repair Sliding Doors?

Sliding Door Repair

Are you facing trouble with your sliding doors? If yes, then you can look for ways of sliding door repair. There are times when you see a sliding door getting ruined due to the lack of repairing arrangements. You can either call for a mechanic to solve your sliding door repair issues or, you can do it all by yourself. What keeps you waiting? Go through the following article to find out now.


Ways to Repair the Sliding Doors:

There is more than one way to repair sliding doors. If you want to play a part in the sliding door repair at home or your workplace, the following points might be helpful for you.

  • Door Removal: There are times when you find the sliding door not working correctly or smoothly. In those times, you need to opt for door removal. The task might seem impossible in the first place, but eventually, you can do it on your own if you try. The first thing which you should do is unscrew the wheels or the rollers. You have to push the door backward and turn the roller counterclockwise to unscrew them with a screwdriver. The second thing which you should do is to move the door stopper from the top to ease out the door at once. Once you complete the above tasks, you can easily remove the frame’s sliding door to enhance the sliding door repair.
  • Roller Issues: Sometimes you might also face roller issues with the sliding doors. But you have got nothing to worry about as you can pull out the rollers when necessary all by yourself. You can use screwdrivers in the first place to pull out the screws of the rollers after pulling out the sliding doors. There might be two reasons behind your sliding door rollers not working correctly. The first one is that your rollers can be broken or somehow damaged. The only solution to the problem is to replace them with new sets of rollers. The second thing is that the rollers have layers of dirt and mud around them, preventing or resisting the rolling motion and automatically stopping the sliding door from sliding smoothly. You can scrape out the dirt layer from the wheels and make them greasy with denatured alcohol. The last thing you can do is apply silicone coating to make them dirt-resistant.

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  • Track Issues: The third most common issue that makes it necessary for sliding door repair is the dirty track issues. Sometimes dirt and other junk particles accumulate in layers in the sliding doors’ tracks, which makes it challenging for them to slide at ease. You can take a wet cloth to clean the trails easily. Lubrication is a must-for cleaning the sliding door tracks. You can apply paraffin wax or silicon on the tracks for the rollers to slide effortlessly. Paraffin wax works better than silicon in providing dirt resistance to the sliding door tracks.
  •  Alignment Issues: There are times when the whole setup of the sliding doors falls out of alignment. In such situations, it becomes impossible for the sliding doors to move. The simplest thing you can do to deal with such sliding door repair is to realign the doors. You can take out the sliding doors to remove rollers and stoppers and then put them back in the same position in the frame for realignment.
  • Damaged Glasses: If you have a kid at home, it is the most apparent sliding door issue you can face. Your sliding door glasses might get damaged, worn, cracked, or even shattered for various reasons. You can pull out the whole frame and then go for a replacement at ease.

All the above problems need a convenient solution. You can deal with sliding door repair problems with the help of professionals at ease. Be wise and consult one today!

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