7+ Actionable Tips for Selecting the Best Headphone in 2020

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Everyone knows that it is easy to find an earphone, but it is not as easy as you understand. Because there are many types of earphones available in the market nowadays, it can be difficult the right headsets for you. So it would be better for you to read the earphone binding guide once before buying the earphone, after that you should go to buy the headset. Trust me; if you once read the headphone buying guide before buying an earphone, you will definitely be able to find a great headset. 

If you are going to buy a headphone, then this post is absolutely for you because through this post, I am going to share with you  7+ Actionable tips for selecting the best headphone. There are many factors like price, type, sound quality, warranty, etc., which you must check before purchasing earphones. So let us tell you about the tips that you need to check before buying earphones.


First of all, price is the main factor for the quality of headphones, so if your budget is reasonable, invest a little more and buy the best quality headphone that can give you good quality sound output. If your budget is high, you can easily get the type of headphones you want. So if you want headphones to last for a long time then buy a good quality headphone. 

Types of Headphones

There are many types of headphones available in the market, in this post, we will not talk about all types of headsets, but we will only talk about some popular headphones types, which are being used more in today’s time.

Over-Ear HeadphoneOver-Ear Headphone

First of all, we discuss over-ear headphones; these types of headphones are much larger than other types of headphones. Hence it is called over-ear headphones. These headphones did not use that much today because today, everyone likes to buy lightweight headphones so that they can be worn comfortably for long periods.


  • The quality of headphones of this type is very tremendous.
  • With big earcups, it will fit in your ear easily.
  • It fits perfectly in the ear, due to which the noise isolation of this is very tremendous.


  • You can’t use it for a long time
  • It can be difficult for you to take it anywhere easily
  • It will not be used during the exercise

On-ear HeadphoneOn-ear Headphone

It is quite popular in today’s time, as it is very lightweight and slim, due to which it can be taken anywhere comfortably and is also easy to wear for a long time. The earcaps of this type of headphones are of a very small type which makes it very easy for you to use it for a long time.


  • You can easily carry it anywhere in your bag
  • Best for long term use
  • Such headphones are much lighter than over-ear earphones.


  • Sound quality is slightly lower than over-ear headphones.
  • The noise-canceling facility of these type of headphones is not so good

In-ear HeadphoneIn-Ear Headphone

Among all types of headphones available in the market, in-ear headphones are the most popular. In today’s time, everyone likes earphones, because such earphones are available very cheaply. Also, it is much lighter than other types of headphones, due to which you will not feel any pain even if you use it for a long time.


  • It offers high-quality noise isolation
  • Comes with water and sweatproof feature
  • Much comfortable to use long session 
  • Best for taking anywhere in your pocket and backpack


  • The sound quality of in-ear headphones is balanced compared to over-year and on-year headphones


A headphone’s quality also depends on its manufacturer; if the headphone is manufactured by a reputed brand, it will definitely be a good-quality headphone. Because a good brand will not lose its popularity by giving inferior products to its customers, you should choose headphones manufactured by a reliable company. At this time, many types of fraudulent headphone manufacturers come on the market, so it can be difficult for you to identify the right brand. If you buy headphones from brands like Mi, Zebronic, JBL, Philippe, and Realme, you will be useful, as they are all trendy headphone manufacturers.


You should choose the type of headphones that have more than six months of warranty support facility. If your selected headphone has less than 6 months warranty, then you should not buy it.


Before purchasing any headphones, check what size drivers fit in the headphone. If the headphone equipped with more than 8 mm size drivers, it may be able to provide excellent sound output. 

Wired/ wireless 

You can connect headphones to your smartphone in two ways, either wired or Bluetooth. So before going to buy a headphone, decide whether you want wired or wireless headphones. If you want to buy a wireless headphone, then you may be tempted to invest a little more money than a wired earphone, so if your budget is strong then you go for a wireless headphone. 

Cable type 

If you are going to select wired headphones, then check whether the wire in the headphone is Tangle-free or not.

Work Type 

And one important thing, before choosing your headphones, it would be best for you to decide on which purpose you want to buy the earphone. Suppose if you want to buy a headphone for gaming then go for a gaming headset otherwise if you’re going to buy the headphone for entertainment then you should go for a regular headphone. 


If we talk about the design of headphones then the headphones can be seen with many types of design, so what kind of headphones do you need, you can design yourself. 

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Final words

If you apply all the tips given before buying a headphone, then you can definitely find a great type of headphones. We are sure if you will be able to find a great headphone by implementing all these tips if you are still finding it challenging to select a headphone, then please tell us by commenting, we will definitely help you to find the unique type of headphone.


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