The Right Choice For The Sisal Rug

sisal rug

Adding a rug to a room that lacks emotion solves the problem. But there are many other equally compelling reasons to use rugs in your décor.

Use Rugs to Define Areas

A sisal rug defines or separates areas, dining room, hall, living room. This is especially useful in studios or large spaces that need definition.

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Create Variety

Think that in a space where there are 2 rugs of the same size, it can give the feeling that it is split in two. Therefore we can use different sizes of rugs to create a different sense of depth.

Play With the Shapes

Don’t assume that a rug has to be rectangular. Try to figure out what other shape would look better; in many cases, a circular or oval rug fits better with the rest of the elements.

This is important: a dining table rug should be sized so that once the diners are seated at the table, the chair legs are on the rug.

  • Vinyl carpet
  • Custom vinyl rugs
  • Bamboo rugs
  • Synthetic carpet


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Carpet Materials: The Decisive Choice

Another important thing is the materials with which the carpet is made. Basically, we can classify them according to the origin of the fibers into natural fibers and synthetic fibers. Natural fibers can be fibers of plant origin such as jute, seaweed, coconut, cotton, and wood such as bamboo rugs, and animal origins such as silk and wool.

Natural Jute Rug

Those of vegetable origin, such as jute, are resistant to stains and trap dust, preventing it from spreading through the air and causing so many allergy problems, and making it easier to collect with a vacuum cleaner. However, these rugs have their limitations, such as a rough or rough touch, and unless they are printed, the color is more limited.

Natural Bamboo Rug

The cotton ones are usually machine washable in most cases, they are loving, cozy, insulating, and have a wide variety of styles, colors, shapes, thicknesses, and design; they are the imagination-made carpet and very affordable in general.

Green Cotton Rug

Those made of animal fiber, such as wool, basically provide excellent insulation both from the heat in summer and cold in winter. They have a pleasant and welcoming appearance both for bare feet and for the eyes, although their care requires more attention, especially when cleaning.

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Synthetic Rugs: New Materials are Making Headway

As for synthetic fibers, the options we have today, thanks to deep research and significant development in recent years of new materials such as vinyl, PVC, Teflon, etc. are almost endless; from thin carpets with rubber on the back and short, long, or medium pile, which can be washed in a washing machine, to thicker carpets with different degrees of density.

Round Vinyl Rug

We also have synthetic rugs options for imitating natural materials such as jute, algae, or coconut, which have advantages over these, such as more excellent durability and resistance to friction, capable of withstanding whatever is thrown at them both indoors and outdoors, and extremely easy to clean.


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