Sliding Glass Doors vs Bifold Glass Doors: Price, Benefits, and Applications

Sliding Glass Doors vs Bifold Glass Doors

Glass doors have become a preferred choice for the modern homeowner. The curb appeal they offer is difficult to find in other doors. Glass doors usually come in aluminium frames that make them look a lot more sophisticated and stylish.

However, when it comes to glass doors, there are two most prominent styles that people consider – sliding and bi-fold doors. And while both of them are great choices, they have different features, benefits and even price ranges. So, it is better to research both of these options to make a wise choice. 

Let us compare sliding glass doors and bi-fold glass doors and help you pick the one that suits your requirements and style in the best way possible.

What are Bifold Doors?

Bi-fold glass doors, as the name suggests, consist of glass panels that fold back against themselves in a concertina style when they are opened. In these doors, the panels are connected with the help of hinges. In addition, bi-fold doors are one of the best options for people who like wide doors and panoramic views right from their room. 

Benefits of Bi-Fold Doors:

Here are some benefits of the bi-fold door that will help you make an informed decision: 

Unmatched View When Opened: 

Bi-fold glass doors are known for offering the most uninterrupted views when opened. This is because these doors allow you to remove all sorts of obstructions from your outside view. Bi-fold doors can be folded and stacked on either side of the fenestration, opening the entire area to enjoy amazing views. 

Ease of Access: 

Apart from unmatched views, another significant benefit of bi-fold doors is greater ease of access. These doors open up entirely as they fold back on themselves, making entry and exit quite effortless. Also, it is essential to know that bi-fold doors come with a lead door, so you do not have to open the entire door every time you want to move through it. 

Aesthetic Appeal: 

Bi-fold glass doors can replace your entire wall with several glass panes hinged together. This can make your house seem like an extension of the outdoors, offering you an unparalleled experience, not to mention the chic and modern look exhibited by these doors. 


Talking about the pricing, bi-fold glass doors made of aluminium last longer than other variants. It is because the TEXGUARD coating enables these doors to ensure that they retain their colour and lustre without undergoing and warping to corrosion. 

What are Sliding Doors?

Sliding doors are built similarly as compared to bi-folds. However, the significant distinction here is that the panes of glass can glide to either side when one panel sits behind one another when opened. You can increase the number of panels in the sliding doors, depending on your requirements. 

These doors also offer really nice views and wide openings. However, they do not open up entirely as bi-fold doors. This is because the panes slide back against each other and not in a concertina style. But, sliding doors do not need to swing space. 

Since sliding doors do not require any additional space, they are a popular choice for homeowners with limited space. 

Benefits of Sliding Doors:

Installing sliding doors in your house can offer you the following benefits:

Saves Space: 

Sliding doors would be a great pick for your home. These doors do not take up any additional space and would simply slide horizontally down the track. Still, sliding doors tend to offer a wide entrance that will allow you to haul things in and out of your room effortlessly. 

Uninterrupted Views Every time: 

While bi-fold doors offer you an impeccable view, they only do so when opened. On the other hand, sliding doors provide you with an unhindered view of the outside even when the doors are closed. It is possible because sliding doors have an excellent glass to frame ratio. The aluminium is sleek with minimal sightlines, offering an isometric design that is devoid of any obstructions. 

More Natural Light: 

Since sliding doors have a higher glass to frame ratio, they allow a lot of natural light to flood into your room. This can make your room look more spacious and make you feel refreshed. However, it is vital to pay keen attention to the surface coating offered, as with constant heat and sunlight, the colour may fade quickly. This is the reason why TOSTEM INDIA uses anodization and the patented TEXGUARD system in their aluminium sliding doors. This does not only offer surface coating but also protects the colour from fading for up to 40 years. 

Air and Water Tightness: 

Since these are large doors, it is crucial to check air and water tightness before making a decision. However, these qualities typically remain the same with quality aluminium doors, irrespective of the design. For instance, TOSTEM INDIA installs these doors with silicone sealants and incorporate rubber gaskets. These completely block the air and water from intruding indoors. In addition, EPDM gaskets also provide sound insulation benefits. 


Although there are a few similarities between the two, there are several different features and benefits sliding and folding glass doors offer. We hope that this information will help you pick the right door design for your home. 

For more information, connect with TOSTEM INDIA’s window advisors to make an informed decision. 

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