How to Adapt Your Smart & Responsible Marketing During the COVID-19

Smart & Responsible Marketing During the COVID-19

Today our life is influenced so much because of COVID-19. In this situation, we need to think in a different manner if we have to do marketing in a proper way. Everybody wants to keep himself as well as his family secure and safe. The situation is very stressful because we do not have so much control over it. According to the marketing messages experienced by us we have to think and behave in a different manner.

It has been noticed that in the U.K. the billboard campaign known as “Finger Lickin Good” has been withdrawn by the KFC recently. It is because licking fingers with the tongue are not considered healthy by a lot of people in this situation of COVID-19.

Now I am going to tell you how to adapt your smart and responsible marketing during the Coronavirus.

Scheduled Content Timelines and Marketing Campaigns Need to be Adjusted


It has been found that specific moments have been created by the quick-turn campaigns produced by some brands (like swapping of the coronavirus-response campaign with the vehicle ads of Ford). A lot of people are impressed by it. However, there are some risks associated with it.

You can prevent yourself from this by making sure whatever your pipeline has should be audited by you.

  • The decision to pausing something immediately should be taken by you – If there is inappropriate content in a campaign then it can be paused completely. But it will not be a good idea to abandon it if some inappropriate elements are present in it. It is a possibility that after subsiding the outbreak improvements can happen in a lot of things.
  • The decision of pivoting and prioritizing something should be taken by you – It’s you who has to decide that in the interim if there is any possibility of moving up certain things so that your message can be pivoted successfully. For instance, you should use a theme “use mouthwash to kill bacteria” instead of “use mouthwash and get closer to others”. Campaign visuals should be audited by you.

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Your Language and Imagery Should be Evaluated by You

Covid 19

Your brand may be sending some messages. Therefore, it is important that the usage of words is very good. Images should be given equal consideration because they communicate visually.

  • A visual where people are touching each other should be avoided – Individuals gathering in parks or offices are included here.
  • If a close interaction is described by a marketing language then it should be reframed by you – Messages like “get closer” and “hug people” must always be avoided.

There is No Need to Capitalize in This Situation

  • People should be aware of everything – Whatever measures a brand takes, all this information should be given to the people. Social media can be used for sending this message to the people.
  • Don’t create panic among the people – While giving information to the people it is important that they do not get panicked by it. A language that is more dramatic should not be used.
  • Bragging should be avoided – In this situation of crisis the people are worried so much and many of them are not doing any job. Every message should be full of sympathy and humility.

You Should be Positive and Also Aware of All the Activities

be positive

  • For getting the guidance you can use brand heart – During this crisis, the position of your brand can be put forward by using the brand heart (mission, vision, and purpose).
  • It is good if you are personable – The brand of emotion should not be stripped by you. For instance, if a smiling image is used by you or well wishes are offered by you then it will be very good. Till the end of the quarantine, it will create hope for the people and they will feel refreshed.

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