Top 10 Technology Blogs

Top 10 Technology Blogs

Although there are many advancements in this field. Technology is a vital element to connect everyone with one click. Moreover, Technology is gradually developing .it is quite difficult to maintain with new and greatest launches. Although we have our technical gurus step in and who inform us of all that is occurring in the world. These top Technology blogs in Pakistan and websites provide big sources of data, assets with shared characteristics, and downloads. They all give to the latest Technology Sources.

Therefore, here are the Top Technology Blogs in Pakistan to stay you on top of the world of technology.


TechMag is a basically Telecom Magazine and Online Information Technology produced specially for Pakistanis. This tech platform is adding new businesses, featuring the pioneers and latest Innovation. They have made it their highly initiative to provide the Pakistani peoples with statistical data points. In this way, TecMag has been launching with the worldwide innovative industry of the great Pakistani mechanical industry. They regularly modernize on the latest mobile and different types of app launches. Furthermore, TechMag must-have gadgets and gizmos.


These Days, TechJuice has been dealt Pakistan’s driving innovation media stage, committed to profiling and advancing Pakistani new businesses, the freshest mobile prices and cryptocurrency, and the latest emerging gadgets. Furthermore, TechJuice has also initiated one of them got to blogs not only for the people of Pakistan as well as abroad.

Wired Pakistan

Wired Pakistan is a technology platform for Pakistani in the Information Technology industry. There are a large number of General categories including Internet Service, Technology and above of all Telecommunications. There always appear to be masses online to get together into a discussion with. Anyone can follow them on famous social apps like Twitter, Facebook to keep on top of the continuing discussions.

ProBlogger TRICKS

ProBlogger TRICKS is one of the finest bloggers for those who are concern about earning money online. It is a big source for them. The writers possibly know what they are telling about. Follow them on the Facebook app to get the latest update on their advertisement and join in conversions about blogging and earning the money.

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Virtual University is dealing with the educated masses of Pakistan in the field of educational advancement. We can say that Virtual University is imparting education not only to Pakistan people and also abroad. Academic programs from Virtual University range from Certificates to Master’s degree program so there is something for everyone. Virtual University also deals with purchasing online DVDs and handouts lecture for those who are interested to gain an education at their own doorstep. It is a big opportunity for those who can get an education at their homes.


Pakistan Tech News website gives us information about telecommunication and Information Technology news for Pakistan. They are well known for advertising especially related to content. They target gadgets, general industry news media, and apps. There are different types to engage people to their content including Social apps like Facebook, Twitter, and more on different links.

Phone World

Phone world is basically a website that exclusively targets the Information Technology and Telecom industry. Their main goal is that to play an important role in this modern era of mobile technology. Although, it has become a power to join people together for joint progress and also play a unique role in the socio-economic development of the country.

Daily Pakistan

Daily Pakistan is especially a news publishing website. it regularly stays at your top of the latest up to date with not only Pakistani news and also shows the events that happen around the world. Moreover, they post unique articles to reveal the hidden talents or beauty of Pakistan. Daily Pakistan is basically a news publishing website that reveals the soft image of Pakistan all around the world.

Geo Tau Aisay

Geo Tau Aisay is dealing with different issues within Pakistan such as politics, games, economy, security, technology as well as external issues all around the world that affect Pakistan directly or indirectly. So we can say that Geo Tau Aisay is the best blog in this regard.

Technology Times

Technology Times is the first-ever newspaper and blog of Pakistan that is deal to provide information to Pakistani about everything in technology. It is also providing information not only on technology but also on social media, gaming, startups, and different topics. Above all, Technology Times has been disseminated information between people. Technology times try to put main purposes to the Development of academic and industrial liaisons.

We hope that you will find here the best technology blogs!


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