THE AEROBIS Wellness and Nourishment Application IS HERE


I am Elmar and I’m the President and Organizer behind aerobis wellness. I’m exceptionally eager to keep in touch with you today since we just delivered our aerobis wellness application to Apple and Android. Get it here and look over two membership choices that suit you best at

For 5.99 EUR each month you will get many activities, various exercises, and a total eating routine arrangement that empowers you to follow your food. This blend at last empowers you to assume responsibility for your own well-being by arranging, reporting, and examining your eating routine and preparing.

The wellness application is the best buddy regardless of the off chance that you train at the rec center or at home.

New year, new you – while you can begin another preparation routine all year long, the resolve required is generally only not there and life disrupts everything. I don’t buy into the general message of fresh new goals however recognize that the colder time of year occasions pass on an opportunity to reflect and to de-pressurize. Preferably, we get a portion of our assurance back that flamed out over the course of the last year, and need to switch things around with our well-being.

To help you, we collaborated with Virtuagym, one of the biggest wellness application suppliers for proficient exercise centers, to make a wellness application for iOS and Android that allows you to follow all of your wellness endeavors regardless of the off chance that you train with aerobis gear or in the exercise center. It likewise interfaces with your Apple Wellbeing or Google Fit record and provides you with a total outline of every one of your exercises.

Use it for every one of your exercises

We furnish exercises with all aerobis hardware and for all ability levels. However, the cool thing is you can either take these exercises and alter them or make your own.

You have all wellness gear as well as bodyweight practices accessible – not just aerobis hardware-based works out! This is a genuinely widespread wellness application that embraces to your approach to preparing and your number one gear.

Use it for consuming fewer calories and to follow your food

With the wellness application membership, you get a total food tracker that you can use to follow all of your food macros and calories.

Regardless of what sort of diet you are buying into – to get more fit, you really want to make a point to hit a calorie shortage. To keep up with bulk you really want to follow your macros (fat, protein, sugar admission).

The food application does that for you easily and is firmly coordinated inside the aerobis wellness application.

Use it for inspiration and tomfoolery

The aerobis wellness application can be associated with different trackers as well concerning your Apple Wellbeing or Google Fit account.

Thusly, any information that you currently total there through other following applications like advances, weight or fat rate, is consequently brought into the application.

You will actually want to acquire identifications as remunerations on the off chance that you move more and you can follow your companions’ advancement on the off chance that they have the application too.

Recall that your wellness endeavors are a long-distance race and not a run. You really want an adaptable and open answer for staying fit and smart for quite a long time – the aerobis application is your optimal friend.

Here is the connection once more:

After your buy, you will receive an email with a connection that you can use to enroll for the application. You can then utilize these accreditations to log in to the application.

Likewise, with all aerobis items, I’m likewise settling my own requirement for a flexible and open wellness and food application. It required a long time to get all set up yet I’m content with the outcome according to a client’s viewpoint and as a maker.


I truly trust that you like it and that it serves you well would it be advisable for you to decide to involve it in your own wellness process?

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