Top 7 Things to do in 2020 to Make Your Website Google Friendly


Enterprises, organizations, and start-ups that are planning to launch their newly designed website and wish to rank their site higher in search engines must opt for best SEO practices in 2020. Being the site owner, you need to ensure that everything is perfect in your newly developed site to make it Google-Friendly. You can only achieve this by developing an SEO checklist. It protects your website from crashing and ensures that your site gets the right directions to rank higher and become Google-Friendly.

Below is the list of top 7 things that will provide high ranking and make your site Google-Friendly. These methods are used by a professional search engine optimization company in India today, and it is worth giving a try indeed.

Proper Keyword Research           

Keyword research is the successful strategy in SEO. You need to decide the type of words, sentences, phrases, and keywords that you want to use on your site to make it Google-Friendly. Making your website SEO friendly or increasing its ranking is not all about getting more and more traffic. It is all about getting targeted and organic traffic. The best way to get relevant and targeted audiences to your site is by planning your SEO strategies based on relevant keywords.

Adding Internal Links

Most of the businesses often overlook the significance of internal linking, but it is the most effective method in SEO in 2020. It helps your SEO strategy to excel and allows Google to crawl your website and understand the pecking order of all your blogs and also allocate page authority across the site. It helps your website to become Google-Friendly. For better outcomes, it is necessary to ensure that internal linking is relevant to the blog and content you are working on. Internal linking has the potential to optimize website navigation while improvising domain authority and ranking.

Using External Linking

External links are widely used by major search engines like Google to assess a website. Rather than investing in cheap links, you must focus on creating higher quality, informative content that solicits backlinks automatically, helping to build a relationship with businesses. To make your website Google-Friendly you must use external links as Google relies on it to evaluate the quality and value of your posts. Link building methods will make your site look more original while helping it to gain more loyal and trusted users.

Improvise Loading Speed

The loading speed of web pages matters a lot when it comes to gain a higher SEO ranking. Low page speed not only increases the bounce rate but also adversely impact the SERPs. So, focus on critical areas to enhance the site loading speed, which is essential in 2020 to make the website Google-Friendly and increase SEO rankings.

Quality Content Based on Relevant Keywords

Google strongly focus on quality and valuable content of all website, especially those based on relevant keywords. So, webmasters must focus on creating quality content based on keywords, and it must be entertaining, informative, and creative write-ups to grab the attention of the audiences and Google. It will also help your website to rank higher when the number of readers shoots up.

Right Distribution of Keywords

You must know the process of right keyword distribution in a blog post in 2020. Keyword stuffing is strictly no-no, and doing keyword stuffing would lead to site banning. So, ensure that keywords are distributed correctly across your blogs.

  • Use keywords in the title so that readers can understand what the blog is all about. It also helps Google to crawl the site.
  • Use keyword in Sub-headings that helps in improving the SEO ranking
  • Optimize the URL of your blog using a keyword, and this helps in increasing ranking
  • Meta-Description is the summary of the website or blog, and it must comprise the targeted keyword too

Mobile-Friendly Website

Google has launched a new algorithm, Mobile First, and after the update, all websites are getting mobile-friendly. So, if your website is not mobile-friendly in 2020, it may affect your site’s ranking. Google uses mobile version websites for classification and indexing. So, to make your website Google-Friendly, optimize it to perform well on mobile devices.


So, these were the top 7 things to do in 2020 to make your website Google-Friendly. You will see the top 10 SEO companies in Gurgaon is using these strategies to rank the sites higher and make it Google-Friendly.

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