Tips For Laying Out Tiles in a Bathroom

10 Designer Secrets for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

         At some point, homeowners want to give their bathrooms a brand-new look. The first problem you will run into is the type of tiles that you need to use to achieve this new look. This is why, in this article, we will talk about the 5 most important tips when approaching the problem of bathroom tiles choices. So, let’s get right into it.


Tip 1 – What Will be Your Color Palette of Choice

The color palette is the first thing you gotta pay attention to when choosing proper bathroom tiles. There is no going forward without deciding on a color first. You need to pick a color that you are happy with now and will be happy with 10 years down the line. Before deciding on a color palette, you can look around your bathroom as it is right now. Take a long look and decide what items you are going to keep in it and what color ties them together. What makes them all fit? After you have decided what you can keep and what needs to go, it is time to decide on a color.

Experts recommend that you stay within 3, possibly 4 colors when deciding on a bathroom aesthetic. If you go over 4, you are stretching the limits of what is aesthetically pleasing and making your luxurious bathroom look more like a garage sale. The best way of approaching this is to simply choose colors that complement each other. That way, you can almost never go wrong with a color palette. Especially considering that colors evoke all kinds of emotions from us, green is for calming, red is for passion, and purple helps with creativity, you get the gist of it. So choose a color palette that will fit the atmosphere you are going for. Although, since you are designing the bathroom, we recommend opting for soothing colors such as blue or lilac, as they will make walking into the bathroom feel like stepping into paradise.

Tip 2 – How Will it Fit in the Overall Design?

Now that you have decided on a color, it is time to move on to the design part of the job. Do you wish to make modifications to the aesthetic of the bathroom? It isn’t uncommon to see homeowners opt for different shapes of tiles. The best way of giving a breath of fresh air to your bathroom is by implementing tiles of different shapes and sizes. You can go for large, middle, or small tiles, and make them have geometric or solid patterns. You can combine classic shapes with warm colors to give a welcoming, yet luxurious aesthetic. Marble can make a bathroom get a more contemporary look.

Tip 3 – Take the Shower Space Into Consideration

The shower space you are using will heavily influence your choice of tiles. A lot of tile types are really slippery. This can lead to potential accidents occurring in the bathroom daily. In this case, you will want to get yourself anti-skid tiles. Rarely will you see any homeowner opt for different tiles in the shower space in comparison to the rest of the bathroom. It just doesn’t make aesthetic or planning sense. This is why you want to consider the slip resistance of the tiles when planning out your bathroom tiles. With this in mind, opt for terracotta tiles, quarry tiles, and brick tiles as they are the tiles with the highest slip resistance. It can be worth noting that having smaller grout lines in the shower will also impact the overall bathroom aesthetic. It makes the shower space more distinct and sets the line separating it from the rest of the bathroom.

Tip 4 – How Much Time Will You Need to Maintain It?

A big aspect that can bite you down the line is the amount of maintenance required to upkeep a certain type of tile. Maintenance is not the thing that most homeowners think about when getting tiles, this is why we saw it important to write about it here. A lot of low-priced (if not most) tiles will require a much higher degree of maintenance than most higher-end tiles do. You would be wise to ask the shop worker how much maintenance is required for each type of tile, they will be glad to help you. It might be irritating to spend the extra money on more expensive tiles but trust us, you will be thankful you spent that extra bit for the amount of time you’ve saved by not having to undergo heavy clean-up duty later on.

For options such as mosaic tiles, you would need to seal them to make them waterproof, improve their sticking power, and make them more stain-proof. They will also require a mild detergent mixed with water for routine cleaning. Always use a soft sponge and you are good to go.

Tip 5 – Tile Size Matters

When you are planning on redesigning your bathroom tiles you need to consider their size, as they come in a variety of shapes. The size of a tile can impact many things. Larger tiles have fewer grout lines, as such, they give off a cleaner look. Smaller tiles, on the other hand, have more grout lines and making them have a more complex design and added visual textures which make the design more intricate. You can also opt for medium-sized tiles that make the bathroom give off a less sleek appeal which balances the aesthetic out between fresh and classic.

Larger tiles can give a more contemporary look to a bathroom, but keep in mind that grout color also influences the overall aesthetic of the bathroom. You will want the grout color to match the rest of the room, if not the same color, then use a shade that is close enough to it. This way the grout will blend into the room perfectly.


         That would be it for today. As you can see, there are a lot of aspects that can influence the overall aesthetic that bathroom tiles can bring. It can be very daunting at first to decide on aspects such as tile size and shape for a bathroom, but it all comes down to a simple question of whether it looks good and pleasing to you. Till next time!



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