Tips To Make Your Customer To Pay In Installment


Making the customers happy and ensuring client satisfaction with a seamless experience is what a business needs for succeeding. There is no doubt about that, why is this so important? Why do marketers spend so much of their time and resources trying to understand consumers and satisfy their needs?

The truth is, a successful business enterprise is identified by the amount of revenue and profits it makes. Evaluating such details required the businesses to calculate the total sales. It follows then that making sales is crucial for any business to grow. As a result, the higher the sales, the better the outcome.

Achieving this milestone was easy in the past. However, contemporary times are much more complicated. Ensuring customer satisfaction and accomplishing sales targets is subject to various areas, including the population, standard of living, inflation, unemployment rate, competition, etc. 

Modern consumer trends aim to exercise bargaining power, including assessing the budget requirements before making a purchase. If there are any discrepancies in the efforts, you may even lose a customer. 

That’s where payment in instalments comes into play. Payment in instalments is a pay later payment method that finances customers, allowing them to make large purchases even when they are low on cash. 

As the name suggests, clients get to buy whatever they want to buy now and pay later; usually, in equal monthly instalments.

It benefits the customer by: 

  • Lightening the burden of a large payment size
  • Boosting the bargaining power
  • Giving more control over the purchases and the freedom to buy more

As a result, these benefits also help businesses sell more and increase revenues and profits.

As a business owner, you can take advantage of the same by enabling credit and debit card EMI payment modes, and that is the easy part. First, you have to inform customers of the instalment payment services you are offering. Then, you also have to encourage them to use the services. 

Use Your Price Tags to Advertise the Financing Costs

Of all the things affecting the customers’ purchasing decisions, price is always on top of the list. So, if you aim to convince customers to pay in instalments, it is best to show them how workable the pay later payment option is to their budget. As a result, price tags are a perfect tool for that.

You can use it for advertising the financing cost by displaying the whole product purchase amount against the lowest monthly instalment. Such a strategy enables the customers to understand how affordable financing is, compared to the alternative, which is paying the whole purchase amount in a lump sum.

For instance, paying for a product worth INR 120,000 all at once might prove difficult for some people. However, breaking the payment into equal monthly instalments of INR 10,000 would make the burden much lighter and bearable.

Advertise the Financing Options at Your Point of Sale and Everywhere in the Store

Most customers will not ask for your buy now pay later credit options, probably because they don’t know how to go about it or maybe for any other possible reason. So take it upon yourself to inform them.

Display promotional materials at your point of sale and on other parts of the store to help the customers understand financing options and the benefits they stand to gain. You will be surprised at how effective, simple materials such as stickers, tent cards, or pamphlets can convince customers to use credit or debit card EMI payment methods at your store.

Train Your Sales Team

Your sales team is the biggest asset you have, as far as selling more products is concerned, because they interact one on one with customers daily. It is advisable to train the sales staff about the financing program to help the customers with: 

  • Understanding how it works
  • Providing relevant information about the financing options available, including the qualification requirements
  • Advising on the best financing options
  • Responding to all queries and concerns raised 

Your sales team should have the knowledge and ability to identify prospects, not wait for customers to ask for financing options because they hardly do.


Debit card EMI is one of the most successful payment methods in India. If you do it right, this is the one option that can help you succeed in business too. And these are some of the ways you can use this opportunity.

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