Top 6 types of vinyl plank flooring

Top 6 types of vinyl plank flooring

Just like other floors, the vinyl plank flooring also has different types. On the floor store Dublin, you can find different types. Perhaps, vinyl plank flooring has a strong construction. Though they are highly durable, you can still buy many types.  All of the types vary in quality. Unlike peel and stick, there are many luxurious options as well.

 So, you can get planks with rigid cores. High-quality planks can stand up to the high traffic. Also, they can handle tough wear and tear. Again they are ideal for kids and pets as well. They have a tough nature with a luxurious look. Moreover, planks have a thick and durable layer. Most often they depict 3D realistic looks. 

  1. Waterproof planks 
  2. Rigid planks 
  3. Wood-like  planks 
  4. Stone-like planks 
  5. Peel and stick vinyl
  6. Glued down planks 

1- Waterproof Vinyl Planks 

This is 100% waterproof vinyl plank flooring. So, it has good resistance to water. No doubt it is best to use in water-prone areas. These floors have four layers. Perhaps, this makes it one of the ideal choices. Waterproof planks have a hard waterproof core. In fact, the core is the main reason behind its luxurious look. Moreover, you can install it in any place. Furthermore, it has a fine texture so you can even install it on uneven floors. However, they work perfectly in mudrooms, washrooms, and basements. 

2- Rigid core vinyl planks

By now, these planks are also known as SPC floors. They are waterproof. No doubt, you are now wondering about the basic differences. No question at all, rigid core and waterproof cores vary widely. Rigid vinyl plank flooring in Columbus has a stone plastic or composite core. So, it has a good density. Also, this floor is not damaged easily. 

Of course it super tough. As this material is tough. Therefore it can handle busy places as well. Indeed you can use these floors in both homes and offices. Well, this is a certified floor for commercial zones. Also, these floors do not develop any kind of dents. You can easily place furniture over it.

3- Wood-like planks

So if you want to have a floor, that is like wood, you can buy wood-like planks.  No doubt, this type strongly mimics the wooden planks. But, you don’t have to pay too high for this.

So you’re looking for wood-like vinyl planks. We’ve got plenty of options, so on the floor store, Dublin doesn’t worry. Everyone wants the look of wood without the maintenance that comes with genuine wood. Best of all, we have wood-look flooring that is up to date.

Do you want your floors to be grey? We’ve figured it out. Do you want your floors to be textured? That was also received. Is it better to use dark or light wood?   Wood-look vinyl planks are available in the same range of hues and textures as real hardwood floors. If you’re looking for a specific appearance, you’ll undoubtedly find it.

4- Stone-like planks 

The majority of people pick stone-look flooring in the form of tile, but as ceramic plank flooring gets more popular,  vinyl stone-look planks on the market. When it comes to stone-look vinyl planks, stone, marble, and granite are especially popular. What’s more, know what? At floor store Dublin you can get all the options.

 5- Peel & Stick Vinyl

This installation procedure is so simple that it’s even in the title; you simply peel… and stick. Each tile has a pre-applied sticky back. Simply peel off the backing to reveal the glue and push it into the area you’re dealing with. It’s a joy! This setup is ideal for low-traffic regions.

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6- Glue Down Planks

 Of course, permanent and high-traffic areas require flooring that has a very firm grip. That’s when the glue-down technique comes into play. This method of installation is a little more difficult because it needs the use of pressure-sensitive glue. As you go, you glue vinyl planks down. This assures that each vinyl plank flooring is completely glued to the subfloor.


By now, you are well aware of all the vinyl plank types. Indeed, you can get any type of your choice.  Though, it’s not easy to select one. Therefore, before making a final choice read all of the above types. 

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