How to Transform Your Bathroom into Your Private Zen Center

How to Transform Your Bathroom into Your Private Zen Center

Let’s be honest now: we all like to drool over pictures of stylishly designed Zen bathrooms now and again. What’s more, we all like to savor them in real life whenever we have the chance to do so on our travel adventures. But the Zen fun doesn’t have to stop there: if you play the bathroom makeover properly and invest in the right elements, you can quickly get a private spa center where you’ll be able to unwind and reboot after a hard day’s work. Still, executing a full-scale bathroom remodel in line with Zen principles might be tricky if you aren’t a seasoned designer. To make this task easier and faster to finish, you might want to take a quick look at the tips below. Are you ready to take your bathroom atmosphere from grungy to Zen?

Go Lavish with Zen Textiles

If you thought throws and rugs are exclusively used in bedrooms and living rooms, think twice. By introducing rich oversized towels and throws into the bathroom, you will infuse the bathing area with an aura of Zen comfort and style. After all, utter minimalism doesn’t play well with eastern philosophy: less is beyond doubt more in terms of functionality, but opulent textiles are a safe way to achieve a calm and relaxing Zen ambiance while still keeping up with the latest home design trends.

Natural Materials Are a Must

The concept of Zen revolves around natural materials and soothing colors. For this reason, you will need to invest a part of your remodel budget into wood and stone elements to achieve the much-valued natural feel in your private spa area. In case you’re unsure whether and how to swap existing bathroom fixtures such as toilet or sink, you can consult professionals such as Canberra plumbers and get an expert opinion and suggestions as to the best ways to carry out the upgrade.

A Sun-Kissed Zen Bathtub


Nothing speaks Zen louder than a suave-soaking tub snugly placed under the window. That way, you will achieve both superior aesthetic effects and get a chance every single day to fully savor your soaking sprees with scented salts and candles while observing the nature outside. In addition to that, placing a tub next to the window will allow you to destress and feel at ease when you decide to retreat to the comforts of your private Zen center, which is usually not the case with classic bathrooms with the tub cornered and poorly lit.

Paint Zen in the Right Colors

The color scheme of a true Zen bathroom is built from earthy, neutral tones, which is why it would be a good idea to update the tiles if you’re looking to achieve this vibe in your bathing area. The hues that work like a charm with a majority of Zen bathroom layouts and designs include beige, earth ochers, and browns. For a dose of variety, you can also use accents in muted green, steel, gray, or white. Also, when picking new tiles for your private spa area, it’s best to stick to natural marble patterns and colors for superior visuals.

Let Mother Nature Inside

Although Zen design doesn’t rely on extensive use of decorative details, it would be a good idea to enrich the bathroom with natural elements such as plants, stones, seashells, and other natural details. When selecting the plants for your Zen-style bathing area, the best options will be miniature bamboos, orchids, ferns, or lilies as these will infuse the space with vibrancy. On top of that, ornaments salvaged on outdoor adventures such as smooth stones, pebbles, and seashells will add a dose of natural interest to the bathroom.

No Electronics in Sight

Another rule you mustn’t fail to follow when redecorating your bathroom in keeping with Zen principles has to do with electronics. Although you won’t normally find full-scale surround systems in the bathroom, people who like to scroll through their Newsfeed during their toilet breaks will be sad to hear that gadgets such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops don’t belong in a snug Zen bathing area. Electronics are a source of stress and as such shouldn’t be anywhere near your lovely Zen bathing area.

Keep the Design Flowing

Minimalism shines at its finest in modern Zen bathrooms and the best way to achieve this look is to make sure your private spa is built around clean lines that flow seamlessly throughout the space. In order to achieve this, you need to look at the bathroom layout and figure out how to organize elements such as storage, vanity, and shelving. Also, it would be a good idea to remove all dividers standing in the way of natural flow in this space and ditch curtains from the bathing area unless you truly need them for privacy’s sake.

Storage Gone Zen-Wise

Nothing can break the Zen vibe in your bathing area like clutter. To avoid a messy ambiance, make use of built-in storage in natural tones or purchase a cabinet that coordinates well with the rest of the décor. In case you need to take some of your bathroom essentials up the wall, make sure to search the stores for the optimal solution that won’t shatter the aesthetics of your Zen bathroom and will blend in both sizes- and style-wise. Finally, go through all the items in your bathroom and throw away anything you don’t need.

Play with Dimmer Controls

A long, calming tub soak in the evening will feel much better with dimmed lights. To add a touch of romance and relaxation to your private Zen area, it may be a good idea to consult electrical experts about the best dimmer light options on the market which you will then introduce into your bathroom. Or, if you wish to keep the regular lights, you can see whether and how it would be possible to install dimmer controls to achieve the same effect without an exorbitant price tag and remodel complications in tow. 

Calming Sounds for Zen

Although phones and speakers don’t belong in a true-blue Zen bathroom, it is still possible to infuse the area with soothing sounds and thus enrich the ambiance during your tub soaking sessions. To do this, you can get a small wireless speaker in the shape of a smooth stone which you will place on a shelf in one of the top corners of the bathroom. That way, you’ll be able to play nature sounds or meditation music straight from the smartphone placed in another room and take your Zen comfort from silent to super-soothing.

Throw in Scented Candles

Scented candles are a must-have for a soothing ambiance, in and outside the bathroom. By introducing a stack of fragrant candles into your private Zen area, you will be able to both improve the smell and minimize the need for use of regular bathroom lighting. Still, you should be very careful when you go shopping for candles for your private spa. To stay on the stylish side, pick only high-quality candles in colors that complement the color scheme of your bathroom. Also, be sure to always keep lit candles at a safe distance from the fabrics and other flammable materials.

Scented with Zen Fragrances

Another way to elevate the bathroom feel from standard to Zen is to infuse the space with calming scents in the form of diffusers, ceramic oil burners, or incense sticks. All of these fragrance gizmos are available at a relatively low cost and the choice will depend primarily on the bathroom’s aesthetics and your personal preference. For an inauspicious yet stylish update scent-wise, it’s best to go with a ceramic oil burner in earthy tones that work well with the décor, but diffusers will also work well in most Zen bathrooms.

As Snug as Natural Fiber

Last but not the least, once you’ve created a little piece of paradise in your bathroom, it’s time to deck it with the right towels. For a true Zen ambiance, buy rich, oversized towels crafted from natural fiber. As a rule, bamboo and cotton will do the trick, and you’ll also be able to pick the colors that work best with your décor from a wide range of available options. On top of that, you can also round off the Zen vibe in the bathing area by swapping classic for toilet paper and towels made 100% from natural fiber.


Transforming your bathroom into an embodiment of Zen elegance requires careful consideration, décor experiments, and a moderate budget. Still, once you’ve carried out the bathroom remodel following in classic Zen footsteps, you will soon realize it’s possibly one of the best investments you have ever made in your home. If you’re still here, you now know precisely how to pull off the bathroom upgrade most efficiently and which elements to use to turn your bathing area into a private relaxation center – so off you go and make sure you create a piece of Zen heaven for yourself and your loved ones in the bathing area as soon as possible. You’re welcome. 


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