4 Best Twitter Widget Tools For 2020

Twitter Widget Tools

“Social Media= Online Presence,” but there’s no point in having an online presence on such platforms about which your customers don’t know. Engagement is the #1 buzzword of 2020, and the entire marketing world is dependent on this. One of the direct ways to get the attention of the audience is by embedding feeds of Twitter, Insta, etc. on your website. 

Twitter has outgrown as a social media platform over the past few years. All thanks to small and big brands that have started leveraging Twitter to maintain an online presence. Just like any other social media platform, Twitter is also easily accessible and has a worldwide reach.


Twitter bird

What’s the first thing that comes in your mind when you think of Hashtags? Of course, it is Twitter. It was there when no other social media platform wasn’t. 

Do you feel the need for showcasing Twitter Widget i.e., a compilation of Twitter feeds in which people have mentioned your brand?

Well, Twitter is an evolving marketplace for brands to promote their products and services. So why not create a buzz around your brand on Twitter to build brand authenticity and social proof.  

Twitter Widget comprises of a Twitter Widget that compiles and displays Twitter feeds. This Twitter feeds user-generated content (UGC) i.e., happy and satisfactory experiences shared by the users about your brand’s products and services.”

These twitter feeds can be in the form of images, videos, responses, and more regarding your brand. Twitter Widget could possibly be embedded on the sidebar of your website. Also, there’s nothing wrong with saying that Twitter Wall has added lifeline to all the dying websites. 

Benefits Of Adding Twitter Widget On Your Website

  • Amplify engagement 
  • Increase time on site
  • Convert website visitors into followers
  • Boost brand trust
  • Add social proof

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Let’s explore the 4 best Twitter Widget Tools that can help you embed Twitter feeds to your website.

#1 Taggbox Widget

This UGC platform offers a social media widget tool to curate and embeds social media feeds in real-time from more than +15 social media platforms, and Twitter is one of them. Showcase your content and keep your audience fully updated by applying features like;

  • Customization to change the banners, background, font size/color, widget layouts, feed themes, post styles, etc.
  • Moderation Panel to display the content of high-quality to engage more visitors on your website.
  • Analytics to judge the performance of social media feeds. 
  • More like Custom CSS, Hashtag Highlighter, etc.

Taggbox Widget gives a free trial option for new users in case they want to analyze the widget tool before spending money.

#2 Embed Social

“Embed Social” curate and embed Twitter feeds that have your brand’s mention or hashtag on your website in just a few seconds. Popularly known as Twitter feeds aggregators, this tool requires no coding. You just have to define your Twitter source, and this aggregator will curate the feeds with Twitter posts. Once the code is embedded on your website, it will sync the website automatically with your Twitter handle.

The best part about this tool is that you can use Embed Social for as many as widgets and as many websites without any limitations. This attribute makes it suitable for brands set-up on multi-locations with different Twitter accounts or hashtags. 

#3 EverWall

EverWall is a Twitter Wall and Instagram Wall aggregator which not only curate your tweets but also display them on your website. For that, you just have to copy the embed code and paste it on your website where you want your Twitter wall to be displayed. With features like keyword filters, full moderation, and more, you can display real-time Twitter feeds on your website to boost audience engagement, sales, and growth of your brand.

#4 HootFeed By Hootsuite

This live Twitter stream customizable tool is a part of Hootsuite that displays Twitter feeds in real-time. Engage the audience by embedding Twitter Wall on your website, which is created by applying features like customization, multiple themes and layouts, moderation filters, responsive web design, and more. Never fail to encourage them to connect with the tweets through retweets. With the help of this widget tool, focus on the enhancement of the Twitter activity around your brand.

Summarizing Up

Twitter Widget is one of the most effective ways to amplify your brand exposure by reaching the global audience. Bring life to your dead websites by embedding real-time Twitter feeds with the help of any of the above-mentioned Twitter Widget tools. The list is not just restricted to just 4 of these, so you can always look for better options for your brand. 


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