Uber Taxi Clone App – A Complete Taxi Business Solution for Entrepreneurs

Uber Taxi Clone App – A Complete Taxi Business Solution for Entrepreneurs

In the present condition, traveling in a private cab is the most secure transportation. Thus, take this opportunity and develop Uber Clone Taxi App.  Easy to book a taxi in a couple of steps. This amazing taxi dispatch solution makes the entire taxi booking process streamlined and organized. However, the competition is becoming stiff in the on-demand transportation industry. Thus, it is important to analyze your competitors in the taxi business.

Following are the pointers to keep in mind:

  • Analyze who all are your competitors
  • What kind of services they are providing?
  • Start with the basic (MVP) model
  • What kind of features they are offering
  • What makes them so popular?
  • What are they missing in their taxi app?

What Makes Uber Clone App Good Business Option For Entrepreneurs?

In this coronavirus pandemic situation, the majority of the businesses have gone online. Leaving no choice seems to be the only option working, keeping the economy floating. And, the on-demand taxi business seems to be the right fit as of now. As people fear to travel in the transportation. Offering them an affordable ride that is built with COVID19 safety features for your driver and passengers’ safety. 

This Uber Clone Taxi App is revenue-oriented and beneficial from the business point of view. The apps have been in great demand in the countries like the USA, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. 

A recent survey suggested that an on-demand taxi dispatch solution is expected to go higher post COVID19 era. Hence, this is an attractive motivation behind buying a white-label Uber Taxi Clone App. 

Features To Integrate Into Uber Clone Taxi App

Look for unique ways to make your taxi app solution different from others. Make sure that your app has user-centric features aimed to address people’s traveling issues. 

Know what kind of hassles they are going through and expect to have features in the taxi booking app. 

Following are the new version features to implement:

  • Restricting passenger limit

The driver will limit the passenger intake based on the latest government COVID19 rules.

  • Face mask verification 

The driver verifies the face mask by uploading the selfie in the app.

  • Safety checklist

The safety checklist is displayed before starting the trip to the users, ensuring both the driver and the user are following it.

  • Safety ratings and reviews

The app asks the user to rate and review their ride regarding the safety measures were followed or not.

  • Ride cancelation

The rider as well as the driver can cancel the trip if found not following the safety protocols.

  • Applying toll cost manually

The driver can apply the toll cost manually, adding it to the invoice when the trip ends.

  • Calculating fares – 2 methods

Either the user pays the estimated fare or pays for the road he/she traveled.

  • Graphical icon status of the rides

The feature enables the user to view the ride status on a real-time basis through graphical icons via in-app notifications

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Ways to Generate Revenue Through Uber Clone Taxi App

By launching Uber Clone Taxi App, you are sure to generate profits. However, the following are the various ways to generate revenue post-COVID-19.

  1. Commissions – You can charge commission on every ride booked and confirmed. 
  2. Cancellation charges – It’s when the user cancels the ride, a certain amount of the fee gets deducted.
  3. Ad banners – Charging for the sponsorship who wish to promote their products/services through your app
  4. Surge pricing – Charging more when there is a demand for the taxi services. For instance, peak office hours cab booking, school pickup, weekends, etc.

An on-demand Uber Taxi Clone App has been developed and launched worldwide by startups and entrepreneurs. Apart from Uber, the following are the other taxi clone app models if you wish to develop:

  • Careem
  • Ola
  • Lyft
  • Bolt
  • Cabify
  • Blacklane
  • Meru
  • Mega Cabs
  • Tab Cabs
  • Free Now
  • Takkun
  • Ingogo

The white-label Uber clone app comes at an economical cost. Business owners looking to make Uber Clone App can launch their taxi business in just 5 days. Connect with an app development company in India and discuss your app project. Get the live demo and buy the app with customized features. You are all set to launch your business post COVID19.

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