Why Visual Content Marketing Inclusion is a Must for Successful Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Inclusion

Visuals can be far more effective in communications than plain words. The human mind processes images sixty thousand times faster than it can read, and 60% of people will consider buying a great visual product. Today, platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are hugely powerful, like YouTube and Facebook project visuals as marketing tools. Over 3 billion images are shared per day. 63% of social media content is made up of visual content. Search engine optimization is necessary, but you will benefit by placing greater emphasis on visual content marketing. Engage the right content marketing services to help you project the perfect visual impression about you, your company, and your products. Your returns will be greater. 

All that makes up visual marketing content

The palette of visual marketing content includes:

  • Photographs
  • Infographics
  • Charts
  • Videos
  • Animations 

You have static visuals in images, photographs, charts, and infographics, and you have dynamic visuals in the form of GIF animations and videos. You can use these alone and together to create more effective content with an impact greater than you can achieve using text alone. Your content marketing company should be able to assist with the development of visual content and create a strategy for visual content marketing. 

More information, greater impact

social media

Look around you. You will see the young generation usually glued to their mobile phones. It is a safe bet that they will be watching videos on YouTube, browsing Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, or exchanging visual WhatsApp messages. You can sit down to craft a 1000-word text content. You can put the same message across in an infographic stimulating, attention-grabbing way and leave behind the greater impact. 80% of visuals are retained in memory.

In comparison, only 20% of words are read by an average user. Time is a factor. With so much visual content crowding the internet for attention, the attention span of visitors to your site or social media pages can be just eight seconds. It takes just a couple of seconds for the eyes to scan an image and interpret it. Compelling images can lead to more views and responses. Your Digital marketing company will help build a repertoire of images that will play a key role in generating responses and creating a favorable brand impression. 

Video for visual content

More than static images and infographics, videos should be in prime focus for your visual marketing strategy. When you think of a video platform for marketing and branding, there is none better than YouTube. Over 74% of adults use YouTube, and the channel claims to have over 2 billion users per month. Importantly, 77% of those between the ages of 17 and 35 use YouTube. Those between 466 and 55 years of age comprise 70% of the user group, and those above 56 years of age comprise 67% of users. Other social media channel users usually are in the age group of 45 and below. A US survey shows that 80% of parents state that their children aged 11 and below watch YouTube! That is not all; 94.5% of OTT watchers in the US watch YouTube – a great opportunity to push in-video ads on this second most visited website, with 40.9% of watch time on mobile devices. 

This means, even if you focus more on videos for visual content marketing on YouTube, you are likely to achieve better outcomes and return on investment in marketing. YouTube channel optimization by content marketing services improves views, attracts more subscribers, and gets better rankings. You can expect them to:

  • Create video content or provide assistance
  • Optimize the quality of video
  • Create the right SEO friendly title, tags, and description of the video to help your videos rank in searches
  • Analytics to let you know how your visual content marketing strategy is working
  • User interaction and posting video transcript along with a video to improve traffic

Your content marketing company will assist you with setting up a YouTube channel in which you can showcase your company and its products.  

How does this help your marketing? Suppose you receive an inquiry from a prospective customer who would like to know more. You can point your customer to a product demo video, a video that says something about your company. This video showcases your manufacturing facilities and then a customer testimonial video. In just 5 minutes, you convert a visitor to a customer, with a clear call to action in each short video. The usual practice is to give links to your website in the video and links to the video on your Facebook page to get more visitors to your video on YouTube.

Different avenues

It is not YouTube alone that can get you results. In association with your content marketing services provider, you can design infographics specifically for display on Pinterest and photos for Instagram and Facebook. They can all lead back to your website or be interconnected with each other. Doing so will also give you another marketing benefit: Users are more likely to share intriguing and captivating visuals with their friends, thereby increasing your reach with minimum effort. Think of a 30-second video on Twitter. If it is attention-grabbing, you can be sure it will go rival and be retweeted thousands of times. 

If you don’t know how to make a short and engaging video for your business, you should use apps like slideshow video maker and Filimorago, as well as online tools like PhotoADKing and Clipchamp.

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Everyone else is doing it

About 80% of businesses are already using visual content as part of their marketing strategy. If you ignore visual content marketing, you are likely to be left behind. Cisco predicts that 82% of consumer global internet traffic will be from videos. 


YouTube and Facebook have a feature that permits live streaming and interactivity, boosting customer engagement even more through the visual medium. You interact, observe responses and switch interested people to another channel such as WhatsApp or Zoom for a one-on-one chat that eventually could lead to conversion. 

Human beings are visual creatures, and visuals cut across language barriers. You enhance your reach and benefit tremendously by going down the visual content marketing path with the help of a content marketing company. 

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