Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Marketing

Outsourcing Your Marketing

A common question business owners ask themselves — usually new entrepreneurs — is if they should outsource their marketing. Marketing effectively, whether you are doing it to increase brand awareness, get more customers or increase your revenue, is an involved process that has a lot of moving parts. As a business owner, you already have a lot to do, and outsourcing can help you focus on other aspects of a business. If you are asking yourself this question, here are some reasons why you should consider letting a marketing agency or business handle your marketing.

Outsourcing Saves You a Lot of Time

As mentioned, marketing is a very involved process that takes time. If you are doing the marketing yourself, as many business owners choose to do, you will be responsible for handling your social media platforms, creating new content and managing your website, brainstorming new marketing strategies, testing and improving your strategies, and much more. If you are handling all this yourself, you or your team might not have time to do it all right. In such a situation, outsourcing is the best option.

You Get Access to Marketing Experts

Good marketing talent is challenging to find. A common reason given for this is that most marketers already work for and in marketing agencies, leaving only a few for businesses to hire. Partnering with a marketing agency or business gives you access to numerous marketing experts.

A typical business providing outsourced marketing services gives you access to developers, marketers, SEO experts, designers, video production teams, social media strategies and so much more. Besides this being a convenient option for your business, you also benefit from the vast marketing experience that these professionals have.

Agencies are More Cost-effective Than Individuals

One of the most important reasons for outsourcing is how much money your business can save. Let’s say the marketing agency allows you access to ten professionals. Imagine hiring them at $100,000 each annually, versus paying the agency $5,000 monthly to handle all your marketing. Additionally, you have to spend extra money on benefits, bonus pay, sick days, and much more if you have an in-house team.

Lastly, you also get flexibility in how much you spend. Most marketing agencies have pricing tiers that let you pick the services you need and therefore how much you pay. You can pay more when you need more services, and less when you have reduced cash flow or need fewer services.

Get Your Campaigns Started Faster

If you decide to hire in-house marketers, you have to spend time and money hiring them and then training them to do their jobs effectively and to the standards you are looking for. A marketing agency can start on your campaign(s) almost immediately after giving them a brief.

The marketing agency already has a team standing by ready to dive into marketing your business. They can start immediately and start getting you the results you need soon after.

It Is Easier to Scale Your Marketing When You Outsource

Once your business starts growing, you need to scale your marketing. Many businesses find this challenging because you have to find people to add to the team and hire them. This happens before you consider how much your business has to pay to retain this in-house team. This increased cost can make it more difficult to scale your marketing efforts.

A marketing agency already has people in place, and scaling your marketing efforts is as simple as asking them to dedicate more people to you. Additionally, they have people who are experienced with different marketing channels, so it is much easier to include new ones in your campaigns.

You Get an External Fresh Perspective

Third-party marketing agencies also give you a competitive advantage. You get a fresh perspective on your strategies, goals, and tactics once you bring in the outsourced marketing team. With their fresh perspective, they can help you find areas of improvement in your marketing campaigns. These improvements can lead to positive outcomes like better search rankings, improved customer retention, additional sales, and more.

Better Marketing Return on Investment

Marketing is an investment in both time and money, and you should get a return on it. You are much more likely to see a positive return if you have a team of professionals behind your marketing campaigns. If you consistently see a great return on your investment and growth, you might even attract investors who will help you take your business to the next level.

Marketing is an important part of any business and is often an involved and time-consuming process. If you need help with your marketing, you can hire more people or work with a marketing agency that provides outsourced marketing services. The latter has many benefits compared to the former and is a better option for many businesses.

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