How to Create Your Own Terrace Garden

Terrace Garden

Garden, don’t you think a smile comes in your face, after reading this word. A beautiful flower and so many things come in the mind. You know, I always wanted to have a garden at my home. If you also want to have a garden in your home, but there is no space. I know, nowadays, life is stuck between 2 BHK or 3 BHK flat. But still, you can have your own garden. Trust me, it will enhance the beauty of your home. And it will make the atmosphere of your home clean. You must have ordered a flower bouquet from Bloomsvilla. You have ordered a midnight flower delivery in Kolkata. But have you made a bouquet yourself? Your answer must be no, most of you not all of you. It’s because of the flower. So don’t be lazy and make your terrace garden.

Grass Carpetgarden grass

When we think about the garden. The first thing that comes in mind is green grass.  But on the terrace, how it is possible. For this, you can use a grass carpet.  Trust me, it looks so beautiful, and it is easily available online. So you can order online.  This is the great replacement of real grass. Grass the carpet will do half of your work.

Creative Pots and Vase

If you can create pots and vase by yourself, then well and good. If you can’t, then buy from the market. And put these flowers at the boundary of the terrace. Make sure, pots should be fixed, so they cannot shake in the air.  You can create pots by using your unwanted things. I am sure there are so many bottles, old boxes, coconut shells, old and broken crockery, etc.  You can use things to create pots. Hang some flower pots, it will look so beautiful.

Climbing Plants

Climbing plants always look beautiful. It doesn’t require so much care and space. I mean, floor to grow. It will grow on the wall, and you can grow it near your window, two.  It will increase the beauty of your window.

Plantsgarden plants

When you are new in gardening, and you don’t have much time. Choose plants according to this. Choose plant who needs less care, and it enhances the beauty of your garden. There are lots of plants like rose, marigold, aloe vera, cactus, etc.  You can grow some herbs in your garden too like mint, tulsi, etc. For these plants, you don’t need to give time for more than an hour. And this time you can send flowers to your special one, which you grow by yourself.

Use Lighting Lamps

Light can make beautiful any of the places. But it depends on the right choice of light. There are lots of lighting lamps are available in numerous designs. These lights will increase the beauty of your garden, multiple times. It just doesn’t use very harsh light, use lantern type light lamps. You can use wood lamps too, it also looks pretty. It will look really beautiful in your garden.

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Furniture or Swing of the Terrace Gardengarden swing

If you want to keep the furniture in your garden, be careful while choosing. Furniture should be according to your garden space, and design. Your furniture should be according to the density of your terrace garden. Furniture should be light, and wooden made. I mean, don’t put the furniture that you use in your drawing-room. Swing also should be according to the garden. If you have so much space in your terrace garden, then keep a big iron swing. If you don’t have so much space, keep a wooden swing.  It will look fabulous in the garden.

Soil and Manure

Soil is a very important part of gardening. It doesn’t matter, you are doing gardening on the terrace or on the earth. Manure and soil are as important as watering plants every day.  For manure and soiling once in a week or in 15 days is enough.


Now, I am sure you are aware of terrace gardening. So don’t wait for anything, now go and fulfill your own garden dream.  And feel the nature close to your heart. All the instruments are available online, and all are modern. It will help you with gardening, and make it easier for you.

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