Protect Your Products While Transportation Through Shipping Boxes

shipping boxes

The shipping boxes come across a myriad of potential threats on their way to leaving a warehouse and reaching the final destinations. For the clienteles, nothing is more disappointing than to get the products in a distorted and damaged form. Thus, the responsibility lies at the senders’ end to deliver the items in a safe and secure manner in order to win confidence in their business. Unluckily, many brands are still unable to cope with these potential hazards that pose a threat to the survivability of the items. Even if you are not one of them, read on to explore the dos and don’ts in this regard.

Decide on the Packaging Materials:

As you know, the custom shipping boxes pass through several hands-on their way to end consumers, be sure that they possess enough strength for that. The packages get rubbed with one another during transit which generates friction. The friction stands more chance in rupturing and weakening these boxes, particularly if they are built from feeble materials. In case you are counting on some low-quality materials, they would weaken up and break after some time. This would, in the end, result in the rupture of the packages, and hence the shipments will get damaged. In order to avoid this from happening, a wise decision is to go for the high-end materials that do not rupture or weaken. The choice of the right packaging materials, i.e., cardboard, corrugated cardstock, and Kraft stock, depends on the factors such as weight, shape, size, and product’s degree of fragility. You can even review the board grade to vary the thickness of the shipping packages as per the particular prerequisites.

Two-Box Packaging Method:

The two-box packaging method is best for keeping your shipping boxes Brisbane safe from potential hazards. It is extremely useful for shipments that are extremely fragile and can break even to the exposure of the slightest of damages. Not just that, it also augments the stacking strength of your boxes by making them capable of holding more load without any wrinkling or distortion. Aside from the outside protection point of view, it also helps to keep the inner packages safe, particularly if it is meant for branding purposes. Moreover, it lessens the probability of any theft as well as the outer box hides the valuableness of the inside box. In order to be successful with this method, you need to design the inner box relatively smaller than the outer one. Before the insertion of the smaller box into the larger, make sure the base of the larger box is filled with sufficient cushioning and filling materials. After that, seal the outer packaging aptly.

Inside Cushioning and Filling:

Irrespective of the aptness of your custom shipping boxes’ size, there is always some space inside that needs to be filled and cushioned with sufficient packing materials. Remember, insufficient placement of void fill material is going to compromise the safety aspect of your products since they will be bouncing around inside. In a similar fashion, the overfilled packages will get punctured, and as a result, the items inside will be exposed to the damage. To put a halt at the inside lateral or too and fro movement of the items, you need to ensure that there is enough cushioning and filler material. This way, the cushioning will absorb all the pressures and abrasive forces when the items are subjected to shocks and bumps on their way to shipping. Therefore, add the cushioning materials such as cardboard inserts, airbags, bubble wraps, etc., inside the box and make sure that it owns sufficient space for cushioning around the products.

Precise Sizing and Shaping:

If the shipping boxes wholesale are containing several products, bear it in your mind that they will collide with one another and be exposed to the outside factors. To avoid the collision of the items is to design the boxes in the precise sizes as per the particular dimensions of the shipments. The precise size and individual wrapping of the items will restrict the moving around and bumping around of the products during the shipping process. Likewise, your items could get affected by some extraneous factors as well like dirt, dust, moisture, UV light, or some wet conditions. In order to limit your products’ exposure to these potentially damaging elements, it would be best if you pack them in boxes with more round shapes. As the contact with the physical factors is linked with the surface area, you can keep the exposure at a minimum with the round-shapes shipping packages with lesser surface area.

Seal Them Rightly:

If you need to make sure that your products are delivered in their right stance to the final destinations, you need to seal the shipping packages with the appropriate tape or any other adhesive. One of your first focuses in this regard should be the joints and edges of the boxes, as they are more susceptible to wear or tear. These points should be double-taped with the parcel tapes so that they do not get opened up no matter how severe the pressure is applied. Whether you are using parcel tape or adhesive, make sure that you seal the shipping packages rightly so that they do not open up in their mid-way of delivery. Their opening will pave the way for damaging factors to attack the originality of the items being shipped. During the sealing of boxes, bear it in your mind to restrain the use of strings or straps since they could damage your boxes, particularly if they are bulky.

In a nutshell, it is pertinent for the shipping boxes senders that the products do not get damaged during their final delivery. Investing in high-quality materials and apt cushioning are the right strategies for making product protection absolute. Furthermore, the box-in-box method and apposite sealing are also vital steps in keeping the items safe from any sort of damage.

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