What HR Management Features Are Essential for Every Business?

HR Management

Being a Human Resources Manager, you have to deal with a vast amount of information related to a lot of people in your organization. Without anyone helping you out, it gets hard to focus on productive activates when you are stuck with repetitive activities throughout the day. But with an HR management software, you can improve productivity by automating most of the Human Resources Processes.

Here are some of the best features or tools that simplify an HR manager’s work.

Employee Information System

Implement an automated system that will track all the employee information. This information will then be stored in one centralized location, that can be accessed from anywhere, as long as you have the credentials. Some tools offer the backup feature as well, which backs up your data on a predefined schedule.

Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant tracking software allows HR managers to manage the talent acquisition process in real-time. With the software, they can filter through thousands of applications that are not a good fit for a position. HR managers can also streamline the interview process.


An onboarding application allows HR managers to onboard employees that are newly recruited. It also equips them with all the necessary formalities to start working in the company. This process can be automated which should save a lot of time and resources. The burden on HR managers will also be reduced. The tool can also deliver all the important forms digitally, which will save time and eliminate the possibility of any loss during transit.


It’s easy to process and record every employee’s termination with HR management software. The HR department will be able to manage an exit interview for employees who are departing from the company. 

The finance department can ensure that employees are being delisted from the company’s payroll system. Using HRMS software offers the HR department an opportunity to create a seamless offboarding experience for employees.

Time Sheet

Unlike traditional methods, where the HR manager had to document employee timesheet on their own, HR management software automatically tracks employee time and process payroll based on that. And it becomes much easier for managers to approve timesheets as well without going through them manually.

Leaves and Time offs

With an HRMS, employees don’t need to visit HR again and again for approving their leaves and time-off requests. Everything will be automated, from employees submitting a leave request to managers approving them through the HRMS software. 

Checking your emails for leave requests and responding to them constantly can be a tiring process, and wastes a lot of time. With an HR tool, the manager will be able to check if an employee has enough balance for the leave and take action to approve based on the data.

Training Management

Companies will be able to analyze employee performance trends and offer constructive feedback. Training management also allows businesses to measure the success of their training program and make changes wherever required. The software will also help manage the new trainees efficiently.


Tracking attendance traditionally used to be unreliable. It was hard to track down the exact time when an employee entered and left the office. Time theft was pretty common as well. But with an HR management software, everything is automated.

With biometric systems being integrated with HR software, human resource managers can easily track employee punch in and punch out timings. The attendance management software can then be integrated with payroll software, and employees will get salaries based on the time they worked for.

Self Service

Good HR management software allows every employee to manage their own details such as personal information, leave management, and much more. Employees don’t need to visit HR managers repeatedly to clear their doubts. 

Employees can apply for leaves themselves, check their PTO hours, check their performance, and feedback from management. If employees need to update any personal information, it can be done using the self-service portal through the HRMS software.

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Closing Thoughts

There are different types of HR tools that you can add to your arsenal which should help you save time and money. Some of the best HR software also offers multi-platform support, which allows you to work even when you aren’t at your desk. Have a list of requirements that you have, and look for an HR software that will fulfill all your organizational needs.

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