How to Clone a Hard Drive Using Macrium Reflect?

Macrium Reflect

Are you looking for the best way to clone your hard drive? If yes, creating a complete backup of your hard drive through cloning is never a bad idea. For those who are less aware of the process, there are few ways that can help you smoothen the process i.e. cloning a hard drive using a robust utility like Macrium Reflect.

But wait! Are you sure of the risk involved while switching from one hard drive to another. Be wise, while you choose to clone your drive, especially when your hard drive contains an operating system or important documents and media files. So, what shall you do to safely clone a drive on a Windows PC?

In this article, we’ll be telling you the easiest way to clone your hard drive and i.e. using Macrium Reflect.

How To Clone Hard Drive Using Macrium Reflect

Before we head to the cloning process, it is important to know what Macrium Reflect is and how it helps in cloning. So, let’s have a look. 

Macrium Reflect 

Macrium Reflect is software that is able to clone one disk to another. It is not necessary for the disks to be identical or even the same size. The user interface is a bit complex but trusts me, once you get your hands on this, you’ll never want any other utility.  This is a powerful disk cloning solution.  You can, however, choose from several disk cloning software for Windows. Macrium Reflect offers a free version as well that works superbly and eases the process to make a copy of their drives. To begin, first download Macrium Reflect from here.

A quick download roundup:

  • Launch a web browser on your computer.
  • Head to the address bar and type in Macrium Reflect or directly head to its website
  • Click on Download and then choose HomeUse.
  • Then, click on Save, and then Run.
  • You’ll see a list of options on another window. Choose either to go with the default ones or you can tweak them a little. Once done, click on Download and then Yes.
  • When the download completes, click on Next and then again Next.
  • Then, click on I accept the terms, and then again click a
  • Keep following the on-screen instructions until you find the option to Install. Click on it and that’s all. The software has been installed on your computer and it’s ready to be used.

Clone Your Hard Drive Using Macrium Reflect 

Ensure that your drive is connected to your PC, clean up files on your system, and have the data size that the new drive can hold easily. Once you’re sure of all these things, start cloning your hard drive through Macrium Reflect.

  • LaunchMacrium Reflect on your system.
  • On the welcome screen, click on the disk you want to clone.
  • A blue rectangle will show up beside the selected drive.
  • Click on Clone this disk… 
  • Then, click on Select a disk to clone to…
  • You then have to choose the destination disk you want to write the clone to.

Note: This process will remove any data stored on the destination disk.

  • Click and drag the partitions from the cloning disk to the destination disk.
  • Click on Next when all the partitions have been dragged over. Again click Next to see the summary of the data you’re cloning. Double-check and ensure that the drive letters are correct.
  • Once satisfied, click on Finish and then OK.

Macrium Reflect- Features 

Macrium Reflect is a feature-packed utility for Windows users. It includes various advanced features wherein you can capture images or photos of your computer HDD or another storage device, save them and then access them anytime. This helps you to produce a disk image that you wish to have without running a full pc restore.

Macrium Reflect is compatible with various files and systems. It supports extensively the full system backups and disk imaging and can further be used to generate a copy of specified files and folders.

Macrium Reflect hosts secure and encrypted backups that are secured from intruders like hackers and sudden data breaches. This is indeed important to comply with the safety and security of the information or data you’re cloning.

Besides these wonderful features, Macrium Reflect is a utility that comes up with both free versions and free trials along with several different plans. Getting started is a bit complex but slowly and gradually, you’ll become familiar with it. Installation is quick and files are comparatively small. Additionally, the support this software offers to its users entirely depends on the license you have purchased. However, the free plan doesn’t offer live support and a Home subscription comes up with the basic requirements. You can read the full macrium reflect review on top10pcsoftware. 

Macrium Reflect: Pros and Cons 


  • Powerful utility.
  • Wide range of plans available.
  • Automatic backups.
  • Full backup encryption.


  • A bit complex user interface.

A quick roundup: Pricing 

There are several plans for Macrium Reflect and all of them come up with a 30-days free trial. You can test the software before you completely buy it. You can choose from its personal and commercial use. The standalone lifetime subscription starts at $75 while further plans are for $275, $599, and more. 

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Final Words 

So, that was all about Macrium Reflect and its use to clone a hard drive. Isn’t it a wonderful utility that minimizes the efforts and hard work? Well, we personally loved this utility and would definitely recommend it further. What’s your take on this? Did you find the information helpful? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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